Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jared's Journey Begins Anew

Well, the dreaded post has arrived and our hearts ache to write it, but we want to pay this last tribute to our son.  Jared passed away yesterday morning at 3:45 AM as a result of complications from his tumor.  Early Sunday morning, after a week of spending time with family through thanksgiving and Bradley's birthday, Jared awoke complaining of breathing difficulties, which sounded much like a child does who has the croup.  This was the beginning of the last 25 hours of his life.  These hours seemed so incredibly long in the moment, but we are so grateful that Jared was able to pass so quickly.  He did struggle at times, but eventually stopped breathing Monday morning in his own bed with Jaime and I by his side.  There are not words to describe the feelings that were felt.  I can honestly say that there has been nothing so heart wrenching and so painful as this moment.  We lived knowing of this time for weeks now, but the void that is left in our home is irreplaceable.  His physical presence in our home will be forever missed and remembered.  Jared was much more than a super hero to us.  Jared has paved our way of hope to a loving God and we will be eternally grateful for his special presence in our lives.

Jared was a very fun loving kid with a fantastic imagination.  He loved to create new superheroes and would list all of the many powers that these heros would have.  He loved his brother and sister so dearly.  He would smile and laugh at their many jokes and just loved to be around them.  He and Gabrielle were especially close and were truly the best of friends. He wrote a note to Bradley for his birthday just days before his passing telling him that he was his best side kick.  Bradley and Gabrielle are truly better for having the brother that they do.  Jared loves his mother and their bond will forever be a tribute to both Jaime and Jared.  He loved to  be held by Jaime and found comfort as he would cry in her arms.  He loved to hear her sing and would always request a certain song from her that has become a cherished song in our home.  The song is entitled, "Light on a Hill".  Jared has become a light on a hill to each one of us.  Jared will live on in all of us and as time progresses we will manage the challenges of life better and with more control, but Jared's memory will never dwindle.  He was loved by all and is truly a special son of God.

Jared's services will be held on Friday at 11:00 AM at our chapel in Centerville.  There will be a viewing the night before at Russon Brothers Mortuary on Main Street in Bountiful from 6-8:00 PM.  Another viewing will be held at the chapel prior to the services from 9:30-10:40 AM.  Our chapel is located at 270 N. 300 E. in Centerville.  In lieu of flowers, please donate to the Chordoma Foundation.  The link to Jared's donation page can be found as a link on this blog.

We love you all.  We have been extremely blessed with such amazing people around us.  This challenge has brought forth some the most cherished experiences that life can afford and we are forever grateful for them.  Our hearts are pained, but we are eternally grateful for the knowledge of life beyond this life as we know it.  It is our firm testimony that we will be with Jared again if we can but live a worthy life. God does live and his son Jesus is the Christ and has made this experience a sacred one with the knowledge of temple covenants and a resurrection to a perfected life as families.  We hope to make this a reality and are so grateful for your prayers and examples to each of us.  May Jared always be remembered for the choice and noble son of God that he is.  We love you all, thank you.