Friday, December 10, 2010

Festival of Trees

So our dear family, friends, and Taylor Elem. all worked together in bringing this big project to reality of funding, decorating, and contributing to this beautiful tree in honor of Jared for the Festival of Trees. The theme was super heroes and legos - two things Jared loved. It was such a neat tribute to our boy and we loved it! It just so happened that this event took place the same week of Jared's passing and services one year ago. The week ended with a great big surprise. Someone purchased Jared's tree anonymously but had it delivered to our home! We were speechless and still are ... how excited and grateful that we get to enjoy this tribute for years to come! Although we will never be able to thank them, we say it anyway - thank you! And a great big thank you to all who contributed and played a role in this special project. Thank you. Especially you two Liz and Marilee - we just can't say it enough!

opening night

our parents

And here it is in our home!