Monday, October 5, 2009

JV Team

We had a great weekend as we cheered on family members who ran a marathon to raise money for the Chordoma Foundation.  We were surprised with shirts with "JV Team" written on the front in the form of the superman symbol along with "JV team" bracelets.  All the support that we have had through all of this has been amazing!  When Jared saw the shirts and the bracelets his face just lit up!  It was a great day!  Several people asked, "what's a chordoma?" at the race.  So we felt we were able to raise an awareness and also raise quite an amount to go towards research.  Thank you so much to everyone for your generous hearts.  And good job runners!  Go JV Team!

Jared continues to have his ups and downs.  This past weekend was more of one of his downs, so that was hard to see - especially at such a fun event in his honor.  It just breaks your heart.  But after he woke up today from a good nap he seemed in much better spirits so that was good to see after such a hard couple of days.  His Rapamycin level was taken last week and is in the range that the doctors wanted so that is good.  It's just hard to know what exactly is going on inside of his body because he is so up and down feeling well and not feeling well.  One of the best memories of this weekend was jammin in the car to the song, "Video Killed the Radio Star" Jared got pretty into it - it was fun to see.  :)  

We are doing another order of shirts because many people have expressed interest in buying them.  If you are interested just let us know by Oct. 20th.  They are $5.00 for child and $6.25 for adult sizes.  We also have lots of bracelets to pass out as well. 

Thanks everyone for your love and support.  We say it so much on this blog but we hope it never sounds trite - we mean it.  We have felt everyone's love and strength so much and it has helped us greatly.  Thank you.



  1. Yay, JV Team!! Sweet shirts!! Put me on your list for the reorder! I'll call you with sizes etc. Also, it looks like you're probably just asking the actual cost for the T-shirts. If so, I'm sure people would LOVE to give extra so that the funds can help support the Chordoma Foundation. Just an idea. :)

    I'm sorry to hear that Jared wasn't feeling very well for the event. We hope and pray for miracles and are glad that Project Jared is bringing hope...and hopefully great results! I/We love you all so very much and continue to pray very specifically every day for you all!

    Hugs and kisses to you all!

  2. What a great event! Wish we were closer so we could've been there.
    I think Jared has been a catalyst for many of us to come closer to our Father in Heaven through prayer. As Jared said...I think this has been the best year ever as well.
    We love you Andrew, Jaime, and kids. We're so sorry for all of your suffering and we want you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Truly.
    We're so glad you get to be home now and have the comfort of a little normalcy. We miss you.
    Jon, Sarah, and the 5 little pumpkins