Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Make A Wish Anniversary

November 9th, marks the anniversary of the memorable Make A Wish Party where Jared's lego wish came true. We love this short video of pictures from that magical evening, and love all the people who came together that night to make it so special for Jared and our family. Thank you Superman, Spiderman & Incredible Hulk! Thank you Make A Wish! Thank you Kevin for capturing these memories! Thank you family! We do feel that we are "lucky ones" . . .


  1. We love you guys...great song, great attitude. We Love seeing Jareds smile, great video!!!

  2. Jaime and Andrew,

    I have no words...how many times have I said that to you now? I wish there was more to be said, or done.

    I am continually in awe in the strength and testimony both of you have shown.

    I want you to know there is not a single prayer from this family, even when asking for blessings on meals, even from our smallest prayer saying members, that does not include The Vance family.

    My prayer is that you will feel especially buoyed up as anniversaries involving Jared are experienced.

    Much love,

  3. Miss him! What a fun way to remember his smile! Thanks!

  4. I have loved your posts lately...remembering the last years events and at the same time celebrating the present. You are AMAZING! As we watched the cute Make a Wish video all the kids were drawn to the screen. All made comments about Jared and enjoyed seeing/remembering him. May the strength of the Lord be with you during this month and always. We love you guys! The Ellis Family

  5. I'm so glad for a reminder of this special night. I still can't believe that the timing of our visit made it possible for us to share this night with Jared and you. It was a night I'll NEVER forget!

    Like some who have already posted said, we were all so happy to see his fabulous smile in these pictures! We love him and miss him and are eternally grateful for his amazing example and yours.

    With all our hearts,
    Ang and fam

    PS--Thanks for another great "pick me up" song!

  6. What a beautiful and fun video! We love you guys! Thanks for your amazing examples of strength and faith!

  7. I have LOVED reading & watching your recent posts. So incredibly touching the way you showed this year and last. What a year... You really need to stop making us all cry! :) We love you more than you know, and echo several of the others posts. Our kids still pray for Jared too that he'll have a good time in heaven. Merry Christmas!