Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jared Vance - Hero Day

We feel so touched as Jared's elementary school is honoring Jared the week after Thanksgiving as they hold a school wide "Jared Vance - Hero Day"  in honor of Jared and his superhero status.  Every grade level in the school is doing a service project in honor of Jared.  What a neat thing to be honored and an even neater thing to honor someone by helping other people.  We feel so grateful to have such amazing support around us in our community.  We especially thank Mrs. Tonge and her class who started it all.

Here is a picture of our family at Jared's Make A Wish Celebration.  Jared has had a wonderful time putting together his legos . . . all of his lego creations have completely filled the donated bookcase that Make A Wish gave us and he still has about 10 boxes left!

Jared had a few really great days following his Make A Wish night, but has sort of been going a bit down hill since.  There is no doubt that he still has some good moments of Legos and Indiana Jones games, but he just seems to struggle for a good portion of the day.  That moment of struggle seems to be lingering a bit more throughout the day.  He has recently acquired a magic set and has proudly mastered a few of the tricks.  He still shows a great love for life while he is up and feeling well.  He fights hard and will always retain a super hero status in our family.

We hope to have a wonderful Thanksgiving week with a lot of family and cousins for Jared to be with.  Hopefully he will have more ups than downs.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tribute To Our Boy

For Jared's Make a Wish party we showed the following video.  What a fun night it was and what an amazing foundation.  Jared was extremely bashful, as many of you know, but he has not stopped assembling the Lego's since yesterday evening.  Thank you to all who nominated Jared for this sweet experience.  Amidst so much worry and concern we have sure been blessed with so many tender mercies along the way.

The video had to be broken into the two YouTube segments.  To view the videos please click on the links on the side of the blog listed under "Some Great Links". 

We will post more details when we have some more of the photos available.

Thank You Make A Wish for a memorable night with our boy.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Make A Wish

Jared was nominated and selected for the Make A Wish Program.  We went last night to the Wishing office and Jared was able to send his wish to the Wishing Wizard.  This is a picture of us in the Wishing Tower.  Jared's wish is to have fun with Legos.  Before we left last night they surprised Jared with several boxes of Legos for Jared even though his wish granting party isn't until next week.  It has been such a fun distraction for Jared.  He has been a busy Lego King working hard and putting together many legos (Indiana Jones legos, Starwars legos, etc.)  It really has been fun to see him so into it and forget about his sickness, even if it is just moments at a time.

We thought we would also post pictures of our Halloween - Jared was Ben 10 Alien Force from Cartoonnetwork, Gabrielle was a cute, "scary" witch, and Bradley dressed up as Batman.

These next two pictures are Andrew and Jared having fun waiting in a doctor's office.


Happy Autumn everyone.  We will post more next week all about Jared's wish granting party!