Monday, October 11, 2010

This Same Week Last Year

This exact week last year our family was having a vacation of a lifetime in the wonderful DisneyWorld Resort. Our week together truly was such a highlight of 2009 and we couldn't have done it without the generous hearts of our family members who paid for it all. Thank you so much, again for sending us and allowing us to experience such a time with Jared, Gabrielle & Bradley. We all loved every minute of it and will always be so grateful for the memories of this week.

At the Lego Store - I think this is where Jared's love for legos was born

At the end of the day - wiped out!

It really was such a great week. Thanks again family for making this possible.


  1. Oh what sweet memories....So fun and so wonderful to see how much Jared enjoyed it all even when he was so sick and miserable. Grandpa and I loved every minute of it as well. Thanks for such a great experience, We love you all...

  2. Jaime, Jared's memory is very much alive with you. Thank you for sharing him with us.

  3. Love this post...I can't believe a year has gone by. We miss him everyday and I love hearing you talk about him all the time. You two are amazing parents. I am so happy you got to take this trip with him.

  4. Such darling pictures and wonderful memories! You are an amazing family. Sending hugs your way!

  5. I'm so glad that you got to have that time together! I'm also glad that you shared these pictures and the memory again with us; these pictures just made us all smile.

    We've been thinking A LOT about Jared lately as we've been reminiscing through our own pictures. (I'm getting ready for some Christmas projects for the girls.) We have all those pictures of us when we came out to visit you guys in VA during this same time of year, right before Bradley was born. Such fun memories. Ana also had some more recent pictures from her camera that we were looking through, that I had no idea she'd taken.

    Jared is such a great example for us! We refer to him and his courage, bravery, goodness and "super hero" activities nearly daily and how we all want to live so that we're able to see him again.

    I'm so glad that you're keeping this blog going. I hope you don't mind my long comments. :)

    Love and miss you tons!! Consider yourself very hugged!!

  6. Jaime,

    Haven't checked in in awhile but was glad to see you're still posting and keeping Jared in all of our lives. I only met him once, at your parent's pool, but I feel like I know him through this blog. I love you and hope BJ is just as snuggly and wonderful as can be. Much love, Jennie Gardner Savage